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Dave Cornthwaite

Dave is a total Adventurer. I have known a lot of adventurous people but being an Adventurer is completely different, is what I discovered through speaking with Dave and getting to know more about him through the web.

His first famous event was Expedition1000 where Dave has taken on adventures of over 1,000 miles each in 25 different non-motorised ways.

However, Dave is about breaking barriers and building communities, and what better way than SayYesMore. Started in 2012 as a way to encourage people to do more of what they say they will and actually doing it.

This project went on to become the Yestival where the Yestribe first came together in 2015. The Yestribe is a global community of people who love the outdoors and adventures that come with being outdoors.

Get some ideas from Dave at The Playing Human Conference, nothing stops him from living life to the full. Surfing on top of life is his way and he will be sharing how we can all become more living and alive.

Dave travels, speaks, writes, presents and films for a living. His keynote speech is a motivating and inspirational kick up the backside for anyone who ever wondered whether they were capable of doing more.

I cannot wait to connect with the side of life that is often hidden from me because of serious commitments. Really looking forward to discovering the real adventure that is me and inside me. How about you?

“If you are really really stuck just say ‘Yes’ a bit more and amazing things happen, doors will open. Life will always be better if you do that one”, Dave Cornthwaite.

Please visit to learn more about Dave.