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Meet Leif Hansen

Meet Leif Hansen

I am truly excited to welcome Leif back to The Playing Human Conference 2020. As one of the inspiring key-notes of 2018 there have been many requests to being him back with his vibrance and his connecting work.

It is happening!

Founder and principal of Spark Interaction, Leif is a nationally recognised speaker, facilitator and leadership coach who has worked with groups for over 25 years.

His workshops have been featured on a variety of media, including NBC’s Today Show, PBS Mediashift & the LA Times.

Leif has inspired thousands of participants with his presentations, often using his signature interactive ‘playformation’ style – highly engaging, enlivening & experiential processes – helping people to learn, create & make more meaningful connections together.

His passion is helping others creatively express their most authentic selves in ways that make this world a more caring, inspiring and magical place to live.

“Without first establishing a deep sense of connection to yourself, to your soul’s purpose and to Spirit, everything else in life tends to feel shallow, unfulfilling, boring -like we secretly know we’re avoiding something vital. Our goal with LILA events is to help playfully reconnect you to that core vitality & to provide you with practices that help sustain that relationship.” Leif Hansen, LILA Founder