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Laughter Conferences are booming in the UK!

The past 9 years have seen a surge in the number of Laughter Yoga and laughter-based conferences being held in the UK and in 2018 we launched possibly the most exciting conference for playful adults in 2018, The Playing Human Conference, and for the future.

The Playing Human Conference was held at Conway Hall in Central London on 27-28 September 2018 with high-profile key-note speakers from the UK, USA, and including Laughter Yoga key-notes from Canada and France.

Our next event will be to celebrate play and joy in adults and is the 3-day The Playing Human Conference held in Central London on Friday 2 June 2023 to Sunday 4 June 2023.

In addition the first Joy Conference was held on 29th October 2019 in Bristol. This is an exciting new conference organised by Bristol-based Laughter Facilitator Trainer, Joe Hoare.

We are also looking forward to a time when we will be sharing a Laughter Yoga Tour in the UK with Dr Madan Kataria visiting London, Bristol and Manchester.

Laughter Yoga and therapeutic laughter methods have been promoted in the UK for many years now with the first Laughter Conference organised by Laughter Network in 2011 in Birmingham.

We are excited that the UK, among its many other events, can now experience a bi-annual conference for Playing Humans.