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The Joy Conference

Held in Watershed, Bristol on 26th October 2019, the Joy Conference shares with you why joy is important, practical and achievable.

The Joy Conference is an interactive event where you will have opportunity for learning, embodiment, connection, movement, mindful awareness, and laughter.

This day gives you information, energy and insights for the potential of living a more connected, authentic, rewarding, resilient, and engaged life

At the end of this day you will have had the opportunity to have experienced

  • what joy is, why it matters, and how to embed this in your own life
  • practical new information to be more resilient, fulfilled and healthier
  • embodied learning to help you develop your own mindful awareness
  • connection and shared experiences with fellow attendees
  • how to keep being present in all circumstances
  • why laughter yoga matters
  • your own recipe for joy

You will have the chance of using all your senses to bring more joy into your life and get 'out of your head'.

There will be information from a range of disciplines including

  • Integrative Medicine
  • Psychology
  • Cancer Care
  • Humour at Work
  • Laughter Yoga

and there is a panel of innovative Laughter Yoga specialists to share their expertise & exercises.

This day gives you a range of practical options so you can choose what approaches work best for you. It also shows you how laughter yoga activates joy.

Speakers include

  • Dr Elizabeth Thompson, founder of the NCIM (National Centre for Integrative Medicine)
  • Dr Madan Kataria, founder of Laughter Yoga (video link)
  • Dr Gulcan Garip, of the University of Derby, and co-creator of the 'Laughie'
  • Kate Hull Rodgers, of HumourUs
  • Dr Duncan Still, of Penny Brohn Cancer Care
  • Teigh-Anne Shave, of Giggle Together
  • Katie RoseWhite, of The Best Medicine
  • Rachel de Garang, of the African Sambistas

Profits will be donated to the charity SmileTrain, a nonprofit organisation and charity providing corrective surgery for children with cleft lips/palates. For more information please visit