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Jo-Dee Walmsley

Meet Jo-Dee Walmsley

Jo-Dee is our MC at The Playing Human Conference in London, and will be presenting speakers from all over the world. Read more about her...

Can laughter liberate the hidden potential of your people to “do it themselves”? Simply, yes!

Jo-Dee Walmsley makes this bold idea real: As an experienced motivational speaker and energizer and Global Laughter Ambassador, she shows the path via her Laughter Program to more rewarding, creative and productive states of mind, perfected in recent years in keynotes and in workshops, tailored to Blue-Chip corporations and many more in Dubai, and is now bringing her unique and vitalizing charisma to the UK and Europe and beyond.

Seriously? See for yourself!

Jo-Dee has been motivating people around the world for more than 10 years. Her sessions are designed to address the physical, mental and emotional stresses faced by people in different fields of work on a daily basis. Her techniques are guaranteed to encourage leadership skills, innovation, creativity, communication, quality and efficiency by managing the mind and creating a positive attitude through laughter and other techniques. Her special style adds happiness to both personal and professional lives, thus bringing an overall change in the attitude and wellbeing of the people she works with.

Jo-Dee has mastered the art of communication, connecting with people through optimism and energy. Whether it's focused counseling 1 to 1, for a small group or energizing an audience of a thousand, Jo-Dee's genuine personality and unique flair make participants feel engaged and relaxed in her sessions and comfortable in not only speaking out about the issues they are facing, but also fixing them.

“A stress-free life is the only way to real Success and Happiness in today’s world. Changing reactions to events will change the outcome and this change will come only from within.” Jo-Dee Walmsley, Simply Laughter