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Pady O’Connor

Meet Pady O'Connor

Pady O’ Connor is an Actor, Director and, International Teacher of theatre.

As the Artistic Director of MeeMee Theatre he creates visual, playful, ambitious theatre, transforming spaces using music, visual theatre and creative making, this allows people the freedom and confidence to journey through learning, curiosity and discovery.

Pady O'Connor's alter ego Johan Cherrywolf is a Clown Doctor working in hospitals across the North-East of England sharing playfulness and joy where it is most needed and creating positive change in just a short period of time.

"When you work with Pady you go on an incredible journey. You feel inspired. You are motivated to do better and to do more. You want to inhabit the world Pady lives in - a world of openess, of honesty and of the highest integrity." Martin Wilson, Director of TIN Arts, Durham