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Meet Eser Mutlu

Eser is the Laughter Yoga Powerhouse of Turkey.

I met her in 2011 when I started my Laughter Yoga Master Training in Switzerland and she became a Laughter Yoga Teacher, and we became friends. Even with the distance and rare contact we have maintained a lovely kinship and friendship.

Eser is now Laughter Yoga Master Trainer in Turkey and makes a huge difference in coporations and organisations around the country as well as teaching others to share Laughter Yoga, too.

The energy and fun Eser brings to her sessions is outstanding, and I recently had the privilege to take part in a wooden-spoon-experience run by her.

You are in for a great treat with Eser!

In addition to joining each others' conferences in UK and Turkey, together we are looking to create joint training in Turkey and the UK in the years to come and cannot wait to share even more Laughter Yoga with the world.

Read more about Eser on (in Turkish).