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Meet Hocus Pocus Theatre

It is only recently I came across Hocus Pocus Theatre and I was blown away but the fun and creativity this Norfolk-based group add to conferences.

They fit right in with the spirit of The Playing Human Conference and I am excited to add them to our agenda for the conference.

Since founded in 2008, Hocus Pocus Theatre works creatively with multi-skilled artists to devise shows. Their work has its roods in the surreal, transporting groups to another world and giving them the freedom to explore alternate realities, get up close and personal with intriguing characters and get wrapped up in the magic of it all.

A real valuable and exciting experience which I look forward to having it with you!

“Pushing at the boundaries of experimental and crossing into the bizarre. They do it superbly well this fresh young company, never taking themselves too seriously and mixing genres, fusing styles and lampooning horror with happy abandon.” – David Porter, Eastern Daily Press

Laughter Matters - FUN CLINIC from Hocus Pocus Theatre on Vimeo.

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