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Meet Kate Hull Rodgers

I have known Kate since Laughter Network which ran from 2004 to 2014, where Laughter Professionals around the UK connected to create awareness of therapeutic laughter. What an energetic muse she is!

She is a renowned key-note speaker, media presenter, ‘homourologist’ and has so many talents that come across in a kind and compassionate way when you share the space with Kate.

Kate has devised a unique 4 step strategy – J-O-I-N – where using several teaching methods, lecture, break outs, brainstorming, role play, written exercises, delegates will devise a strategy both individually and organisationally when they take part in a workshop such as Mouth 2 Mouth from HumourUs.

  • J is for Just Looking
  • O is for Oiling
  • I is for Investing
  • N is for Nurturing

Apart from her corporate programmes she delivers plays, media programme, coaching and much more.

Come and meet Kate and her awesomeness at the Playing Human Conference!

There are many, many great videos of Kate in action on YouTube but the clip below really highlights the importance of humour and laughter in the workplace as well as introduces the amazing Kate Hull Rodgers.

Please visit to learn more about Kate.