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Meet Linda Leclerc

Meet Linda Leclerc

Linda Leclerc is the Founder of Ecole du Yoga du Rire and HAHA Sisterhood, and is one of the first and original Laughter Yoga Master Trainers.

She was also the first to bring a Laughter Yoga App for iPhones to the market, the Let's Laugh App . It is a great daily motivation tool.

Linda brings so much "je ne sais quoi" with her from Canada to share with us all at the conference and you can look forward to her contagious bubbly energy filling the hall and wrapping us all in joy!

“I wish for all of us to be with a group of women where there will be no ragged edges, just unconditional love, all the time. Even if we might sometimes be vessels full of cracks, how about we fill ourselves with love, gentleness, ease, laughter, wonder and acceptance. We are mirrors for each other that help each other love ourselves, be brave, be gentle, be light, be laughter! I want for pure love and soft lines to enfold us. And laughter brings that.” Linda Leclerc, HAHA Sisterhood Founder