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Meet Maggie Irving

You have been introduced to some of the essential and awesome Key-Note Speakers for The Playing Human Conference in London 5-7 June 2020 as well as the Laughter Yoga 25th Anniversary.

There are more to come - more outstanding playing humans to meet!

Please welcome Maggie Irving!

She is a public speaker trainer, comedy & performance coach, comedian & researcher of comedy and performance.

Maggie completed a Master’s Degree in Drama while exploring being a woman and a clown, and what that truly means. While developing her contemporaty clown perfomances she explored the role of the clown and how you can break down barriers and inhibitions, this was also the key-theme in gaining her PhD.

After her graduation she was inviting to teach and to speak, and the interest in her work led Maggie to launch her own business.

Her goal is to heal you find your modern-day clown(s), ignite your curiosity and use playfulness as a tool for insight, communication and productivity.

I cannot wait to meet Maggie at The Playing Human Conference in London in 2020. She has the true playful spirit and is coming to share it with us!

“Find humour in the everyday – and learn from it.” Maggie Irving

Please visit Maggie on Comedy Matters to learn more her work and herself.

A true pioneer in fun, comedy, clowning and all things for the playing human.

The Playing Human Conference takes place at Conway Hall in London on 5-7 June 2020. Book on