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Meet Corinne Cosseron and Julien Pechot

Corinne created Rigologies in France and together with Julien she teaches these inspirational techniques that blends Laughter Yoga with a deeper laughter presence with roots in positive psycology, emotional intelligence, Sophrology and more.

Last year we had a brief taste of her work but sadly ran out of time for a full-blown experience, so in June 2020 Corinne and Julien are back and I am excited to be able to fully try out Rigologie!

Corinne has been teaching Rigologie in organisations and companies since 2002 and trained professionals so much that there are now over 3,000 Rigologies Professionals trained and ready to deliver.

Read more about the team on l’Ecole Internationals de Rire et du Bonheur – and look out for the mid-month story of Corinne and Julien…