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Meet Sue Haswell

Sue is charged by rechargable Energizer Batteries I am sure – there is no stopping her as she shares her energy and joy of life and the work she does.

She is the founder of Big Results as well as Big Results Training, and in addition she is a published author of ‘PR Superstar’, a book well-worth adding to your library.

Sue is passionate about positive psychology and spreading mindfulness, laughter, positivity and possibilities. Her creativity know no boundaries – seriously!

Apart from her corporate programmes she delivers Business Therapy training for people who have got a bit stuck in business and need a new perspective.

When she gets an idea creativity oozes from her as she brings it to life and I am excited to be teaming up with Sue to deliver Accredited Training and planning other creative and unique events together.

Come and meet Sue and her infectious energetic super-self at the Playing Human Conference in London on 5-7 June 2020!

“I work with organisations to support their people to be the best they can be. And for someone to be at their best, it means they need to be relaxed and having fun.” Sue Haswell

Please visit to learn more about Sue.