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Staying in London

Where to stay during the conference

Choosing a place to stay is your task for the two days.

You may know someone who has an extra sofa or you may be communiting from your home during the two days.

Your stay is your choice and depends on your requirements.

Below is an overview of various options you may find useful in finding where to stay. When you look up places you can enter the post code for Conway Hall to find out the proximity from accommodation to venue, WC1R 4RL.

When you visit the map you can choose to display nearby hotels.


You can find your accommodation on in an easily accessible way. Simply enter the postcode and other requirements and you will get an overview of what is available.


Airbnb is becoming increasingly popular and you can find places that are suitable for sharing or for yourself. Enter your area, e.g. Holborn, when you visit


London is a great place for visitors. There is such a wide range of places to stay within all budgets. Hostels can be looked up on Enter Holborn as your area.

Laughter Colleagues

You may know people in London and it is always a good idea to get in touch with them to see if you can spend the nights at their place.

It is okay to ask and it is also okay to get a 'no'.